Ueldo WordPress Theme Documentation

Detailed guide about how to setup & use Ueldo WordPress theme.

Ueldo WordPress Theme Documentation

Detailed guide about how to setup & use Ueldo WordPress theme.

Predefined Sections Popup

This tool allows you to add any prebuilt section to your page, just with few clicks. Choose between hundreds of sections from different demo templates and build your new page – section by section, or choose from prebuilt pages list, with the same ease.

All sections & pages from different demos can be combined!

How to open Predefined Sections popup?

Simply go to selected page editor and click on blue button: “Ueldo: Add Predefined Sections”, right under the page title field:

Filter sections & pages

You can filter sections & pages available in Predefined Sections popup, to find the one you’re looking for, using filters available on your left hand side (on blue background):

Sections are loaded per 15 to avoid lacks, so you might need to scroll down the sections list and click on “Load more…” button to load next pack of 15 sections or pages.

Difference between “clear” and “demo-like” option

At the top right side of Predefined Sections popup, you can find selector between “clear” and “demo-like” value. This define if selected section or page code, which will be added to your website, will contain colors & other specific settings dedicated for its original demo template, or for default theme options.

  • Clear
    Load “clear” sections without extra settings for colors (recommended if you want to use section from different demo version than the one you already use).
  • Demo-like
    Load “demo-like” sections with extra settings for sizes and colors (recommended if you want to use section from the same demo version than the one you already use).

Please note, that if you’ll add section from different demo version than the one you already use, some elements may looks different than on the screenshot (for example, font sizes or colors), because some settings are loaded from global options.

How to add selected section to my page?

Just click on selected section – that’s all! Everything else will be processed automatically.

Clarification popup

Sometimes, after click on selected section you might see the “Clarification popup”. It shows up when selected section contains some elements which are not explicit for Predefined Sections uploader. You’ll see a short list of simple clarification questions, like:

  • which icon should be used instead the one which couldn’t be found,
  • which icon should be used, if there are more than one icon found in library with the same or similar name,
  • which Google map, Opening hours set, Contact Form etc. should be added to selected section (if section contains one of this elements)

This require only few more clicks on your side (one at least), but could save your time while composing your pages. You wouldn’t need to find elements added incorrectly and replace them manually, if you’ll made proper choices in clarification popup.

Check Ueldo features!

Ueldo WordPress theme comes with amazing built-in features.

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