Ueldo WordPress Theme Documentation

Detailed guide about how to setup & use Ueldo WordPress theme.

Ueldo WordPress Theme Documentation

Detailed guide about how to setup & use Ueldo WordPress theme.

How to change button styles?

There are many different styles for buttons used on websites today, and some of them are more popular then others. With Ueldo WordPress theme you can use almost any buttons you want on your website, as built-in custom Button element comes with multiple options & customization possibilities, to allows you to create buttons you’ll love.

Global settings for buttons

You can define buttons styles, like colors, font sizes, borders & border radius, shadows, icons sizes and more globally, so it will apply to any button on your website with no more actions required with styling on your side.

This can be configured in “Appearance” – “Customize” panel (you can also access this tool if you’ll open selected page on your website, and the “Customize” link can be found in the top right side). Simply find “Buttons” option and open it!

You’ll find there four different groups of buttons:

  • Global buttons
  • “Read more” buttons
  • “Form submit” buttons
  • “Call to action widget” button

All buttons settings group – other than “Global buttons” – uses the “Global buttons” settings by default, so you don’t need to do the same changes four times if you want to all of your website buttons looks the same.

However, if you’ll want (for example) the “Form submit” buttons looks different than the others, then simply open it’s settings, and under first option called “Button styles” (default set to: “Use global button styles”) simply choose “Use custom styles” option.

All changes will be visible on your right hand side, as this feature is built-in with Live Customizer tool.

Custom styles for single button only

Modern websites often uses unique buttons which should stand out from the others – for example, main call to action button can be bigger and use different styles than the button which direct to latest post. This is possible with Ueldo WordPress Theme, if you’ll use the “Button” theme shortcode in any page – read more about unique styles for single elements.

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