Ueldo WordPress Theme Documentation

Detailed guide about how to setup & use Ueldo WordPress theme.

Ueldo WordPress Theme Documentation

Detailed guide about how to setup & use Ueldo WordPress theme.

Custom Headers

Apart of using default header bar on your website, you can create unique, custom header bar with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly: Visual Composer). This means, that you can use any Visual Composer elements in your header bar, like buttons, images, divider lines, row & section layers and more.

You can build your new header bar from scratch, or use one of pre-build header bars which can be easily added to your website with Ueldo Predefined Sections popup.

Look above! The whole dark section at the top of this documentation is built as custom header (as this whole website is based on Ueldo theme). So, the possibilities are impressive, isn’t it?

How to create custom Header bar?

To create new custom header bar, please follow this few simple steps:

  • find the “Headers, Footers and Extras” on your WordPress admin panel menu, and click on “Add new” (as same as you add new pages or posts). You’ll need to have Martanian Ueldo Plugin activated to see this feature;
  • add your Header title and compose it with Visual Composer, use Predefined Sections popup or just put any static content there. It’s in your hands!
  • save your Header and go to theme options page (“Ueldo” – “Theme Options”), find “Header” options section and choose your new header from selection list. Save your changes and check your website – your new header should be visible there!
Static and Flying header bars

You can use more than one Header bar on your website – static and/or flying one. Static header will stay at the top of your website when you’ll scroll it down, and the “flying” header will be sticked to the top. If you’ll choose the “static” header option, you’ll be able to add second, “flying” header if you wish. Of course, you can still use default header bar as one of this two headers, or both.

Different header bars on separated pages

You can set custom header bar for each page on your website, both “static” and “flying” if you want to use two of it. More details about that can be found in this article.

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