How to Add Author Box Under All Blog Posts in Your WordPress Website


It’s a great idea to display some information about blog posts author between post content and all comments. Readers can find out more about an author, his/her experience, interests or become a follower on social media. It’s also a great way to show your readers that you really exist and all recommendations or stories you write about are real.

There’s a built-in WordPress feature to add some biographical information about an author, so the only thing that needs to be handled if you want to display this bio info on your blog is to find a theme which supports it or use some external plugin for that.

Where to set-up the author bio info?

Login to your WordPress and go to “Users” page. Choose the user you want to set up biographical info for, and click on “Edit” link. You’ll see as a result the all possible options and settings for that user, and approximately in the middle of that settings pages you can find the “About Yourself” section with “Biographical Info” field.

How to Add Author Box in WordPress

Put your content info that field, change profile picture if you want and click on blue “Update Profile” button. After that, all changes are saved and your biographical info is ready to display. Want to use some social media buttons? Just put its shortcodes (you might need an external plugin for that) into the author bio content field, and save all changes again.

Find a theme which supports author bio infoboxes

Definitely, not all themes support that, so it might be hard to find a theme you like thanks to its design and possibilities, and which supports the author bio infobox under blog posts too.

If you use Ueldo WordPress theme, then this feature is built-in and you don’t need any external plugins for that. Just go to “Ueldo” – “Theme Options” page and “Under single blog post content elements” section, and as one of the elements displayed there choose the “Author box”. After that, save changes and preview your website. Simple as that!

Use external plugins for that

If you use the different theme than Ueldo and your theme doesn’t have this kind of features, then you’ll need to use an external plugin to display author box on your website. There are many great plugins so there’s definitely a large selection possible:

Simple Author Box

How to Add Author Box in WordPress

This plugin comes with many different customization options. You can configure your author box in the way you want. It comes with 30 social profile fields, and is used by over 20.000 users all around the world.

WP Author Bio

How to Add Author Box in WordPress

This pretty simple responsive author box plugin, which includes five social icon sets to choose from and supports over 20 different social media networks. Used by over 4.000 users, can be easily added to your website with a single shortcode.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are few different ways to get the author box displayed on your blog posts. I personally prefer to not overload by websites with tons of plugins, so for me, it’s definitely better to use a theme which has this feature built-in already.